Job Description for Front Desk Customer Service Clerk at Cash’s Cleaners:

Objective:​ To ensure excellent customer service and assist with the garment handling before and after the garments
are cleaned and pressed.

● Satisfy customer needs, answer questions
● Handle drop-off and pickup of clothing and household items
● Create invoices/tickets for incoming orders
● Tag incoming garments, separate by laundry & dry clean, load large bags of garments in delivery vehicle
● Assemble the orders once cleaning is finished
● Clean work area as needed
● Assist store managers in daily production as needed
● Run the store during managers absence
● Be able to assist manager to open and close store
● Help customers mark clothes for alterations (Example: using safety pins on pant cuffs)
● Accurately track incoming orders, along with special instructions
● Make change and process credit card payments correctly and accurately
● Tags must be attached to incoming garments with a correlating ticket given to the customer.
● Responsible for making the best first impression possible when a customer comes through the door, by
promptly greeting the customer and provide professional friendly service.
Dress​ ​code:​ ​arrive at work clean, appropriately dressed and with the mind-set that the customer’s needs are a priority
(no t shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, or open toed shoes).
Hours:​ Part-time (15 hours or more). Flexible. Monday through Saturday, closed on Sunday’s and holidays.